We’ve chosen our questions!

Over the last week, the Nappy Science Gang have been voting for the 3 main questions they’re going to answer.

Drumroll please……the winners are….

1) What’s the best thing to wash cloth nappies with (Bio detergent /non-bio detergent / liquid / powder/ eco eggs/ soapnuts)?

2) Is ‘strip-washing’ cloth nappies necessary? If so, what is the best method?

3) What is the optimum temperature at which to wash cloth nappies and why?

Out of over 80 questions posed and discussed by the group, these proved the most popular to move on to the next stage of designing scientific experiments and testing theories.

Questions that didn’t make the top 3 can still be answered as members of the group wanting to investigate them will receive our full support.

The Nappy Science Gang is entering a new phase as we devise and start to implement our experiments.

Knowledge is nappy power people!

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