Nappy Science Gang laundry habits

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been asking our Nappy Science Gang group members about what they do when they wash their nappies.

So far, we’ve discussed washing machines, detergents, wash frequency and water hardness. A summary of the results is below:

Washing machines

Bosch is a clear favourite brand, with 25% of those who responded owning one of their machines. Hotpoint and Indesit are also popular, with a 16% share each of the responses. Reported drum capacities range from 5 to 11 kg, with spin rates between 1100 and 1600 rpm.


There is no clear preference in terms of brand; there’s lots of variation from supermarket own brands to specialist nappy cleaning products. However, non-bio is more commonly used (74%) than bio (26%), and powder is by far the most popular choice of detergent, with 88% of those who specified their format using it. As for sanitiser, 18% reported adding it to their wash.

Wash frequency

Washing nappies every other day is the most common interval, with a 40% share of the responses. The next most common frequency is every three days (32%). A further 21% of respondents wash nappies every four days, while 7% wash them every day. Nobody has reported washing them more than once a day, or going longer than five days between washes (yet!).

Water hardness

Of the people in the group who answered this question, 64% have hard water, while 36% have soft water. Responses were gathered from around the UK.


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