New funding from the Royal Society for Chemistry

We are aRSC_LOGO_SUPPORTED_A5 PRINTbsolutely delighted to announce that we have been awarded an outreach grant by the Royal Society for Chemistry. This will fund us employing Dr Laura Hobbs as a science co-ordinator for the project. And us running some ‘Nappy Science Gang Live’ events, to engage wider audiences in what we are doing.  We are pretty excited about the live events. We plan to have a stall, or run workshops, at various events and festivals. We’ll demo some of the experiments we’ve been doing, and get people to have a go themselves, testing how flushable ‘flushable’ nappy liners are, testing freshly washed nappies for the presence of ammonia, testing the nappy-bleaching powers of sunlight, and more. These live events will be a great opportunity to engage more people in citizen science and answer questions from interested parents on the science of nappy-washing. They’ll be a chance for our volunteers to develop and show off their growing science skills. And they’ll also be a chance for some of our online volunteers to meet up in the real world. Science is, after all, a social endeavour (despite popular stereotypes about dysfunctional lone geniuses), and this will be a chance for our volunteers to experience that. We have three events lined up (at festivals and science fairs) but we hope to arrange a couple more. If you know of an event that would benefit from a Nappy Science Gang stall or workshop, then let us know! We are very open-minded about what kind of event it might be. As long as there will be some parents or soon-to-be parents who might have questions about reusable nappies, then we’ll consider it. Festivals, science fairs, school fetes, baby markets, steam and tractor rallies… In some ways, the more unusual a place to do science communication, the better. Get in touch with your suggestions. We’re very grateful to the Royal Society for Chemistry for giving us this opportunity.


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