Nappy Leaks: Hard Water Made Easy

Hard water is what we call it when our mains water supply contains a lot of calcium and magnesiums ions. It happens when water passes through rocks and dissolves a little of them as it goes. As they are dissolved, salts from the rock separate into smaller particles with a positive or negative charge: these are ions. When you try to wash things in hard water you find that detergent and soap don’t foam so well and it’s harder to get things clean. Let’s find out a little more.

Nappy Leaks – We’re Not The Boss Of You

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Have you heard about the bunch of troublemakers causing mayhem in the cloth nappy world? The call themselves the Nappy Science Gang and they just don't seem to understand The Rules. You know The Rules: follow The Rules, repeat The Rules, don't dare to question The Rules. Well this lot are questioning everything. You say, "Powder detergent is … Continue reading Nappy Leaks – We’re Not The Boss Of You