Nappy Washing Survey – Provisional Results

Summary 3 washing/drying practices were associated with fewer reported smells (p<0.05). Higher temperature washes, hot tumble drying, more nappies in wash Hot tumble drying seems to help our respondents avoid rough nappies (p<0.05). Eco washes were associated with rough nappies. (p<0.05). A huge thank you to Emily Griffiths for designing the questionnaire and doing the … Continue reading Nappy Washing Survey – Provisional Results

Shirley Technologies Results

Summary In our previous experiments, we got five nappies tested in a lab, and found that two of them were 20% by weight hydroxl apatite (HA), so we decided to get a few more nappies tested. This time around the nappies contained 1-5% minerals after the ash test. Some of this was Hydroxyl apatite, and … Continue reading Shirley Technologies Results

Results from Cardiff Catalysis Institute (CCI)

Summary Hydroxyapatite (HA) build up was confirmed on the real world nappy samples (same nappies as Shirley Technologies tested last year). Zinc was also found evenly distributed across Nappy D A laboratory method was developed to create HA mineral build up artificially. They used several solutions – all were water with different amounts of calcium … Continue reading Results from Cardiff Catalysis Institute (CCI)

The Temperature Question: The results! (Part 1)

Back in May last year, the Nappy Science Gang citizen scientists decided they wanted to know what the best temperature to wash cloth nappies was. Now, after many months designing experiments, measuring nappies and many, many loads of washing, the results are finally in! The gang of cloth nappy users wanted find scientific answers to … Continue reading The Temperature Question: The results! (Part 1)