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It is NOT too late to join the Nappy Science Gang! on Facebook.

Even if we have already started with the experiments, you could always help out by running some more, or helping the group interpret the results, or come to one of our events or help us disseminate the results of this work. Or question and criticise what we did; why not, this is how science works after all!

Nappy Science Gang is a big but friendly community and we mostly talk to each other about cloth nappies and science through Facebook. All you have to do to join in is follow this link, click on the “join” button and your request will quickly be accepted by one of our admins.

If you want to directly contact us, you can do so by writing or calling Sophia Collins, Project Manager:

Email –

Phone – 07970 773791

If you are a scientist or expert in laundry, washing machines or anything to do with babies or small children, please get in touch.
Maybe you could advise us on our experiments?  join us for a live chat? do some experiments for us in your lab? Whatever you think you can offer, we’d love to hear from you.

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