Live chats with the experts

As part of our citizen science project, we like to regularly invite scientists or industry professionals to do a one hour live chat with us, where we can seek expert answers to some of our many nappy/water/soap/washing/chemistry/physics/etc. questions. Below you’ll be able to find a list with links to all the write-ups from our previous chats.

  1. Penny Broderick from the Nappy Library Information Service
  2. Mark Smith and Adrian Clark, water scientists
  3. Ian Strudwick, fabric technologist and technical manager of Shirley Technologies
  4. Patrick Phillips, Suzi Gage and Rob Aldridge epidemiologists who work with large datasets
  5. Verity Mann and Trisha Schofield from the Good Housekeeping Institute
  6. Jessica Liley, water scientist, who researches ecological soaps
  7. Anna Gibson from Go Real
  8. Zion Lights, writer of The Ultimate Guide to Green Parenting
  9. Rob Aldridge and Suzi Gage who came back to tell us more about experiment design
  10. Amy Barron from the marketing team of Ecoegg
  11. Tony Pierlot, textile scientist expert in the structure and properties of wool
  12. Judith Mathias from Home Scents, who developed Violet’s Natural Laundry range
  13. Mark Webber, microbiologist who studies bacterial resistance to antibiotics and sanitisers
  14. Louise Pendry, psychologist who studies parents’ attitudes to cloth nappies and cloth nappy online communities
  15. Esha Massand, neuroscientist who studies the links between Down’s syndrome (DS) and Alzheimer’s disease
  16. Philip Powell, who researches the psychology of disgust
  17. Elena Hoicka, psychologist who studies joking, pretending and deception in babies
  18. Helen Ball, who researches infant sleep
  19. The admins from Fluff Love University
  20. Laura Boundy, psychologist whose work focuses on babies’ early gestures
  21. Jo Schanschieff, head of product development for Bambino Mio
  22. Alan Tapp, professor in marketing and behaviour change at UWE in Bristol
  23. Sam Durrant, Caroline Rowland and Michelle Peter, researchers of children’s language development from the Language 0-5 Project
  24. Amber Hatch, author of Nappy Free Baby: a practical guide to baby-led potty training from birth
  25. Jamie and Claire, researchers who study the role of family-based shared reading on language development
  26. Petra Boynton, psychologist who researches sex and relationships’ health (also find the follow-up Q+A here)
  27. Mark and Adrian, the water scientists are back for a second chat
  28. Tom and Jonathan, from the Wellcome Trust and Royal Society of Chemistry
  29. Chantelle Loevborg, biomolecular engineer who ran her own independent studies on detergents
  30. Liz Kirk, developmental biologist
  31. Helen Cain, language therapist
  32. Katie and Silke, language researchers from Lancaster Uni Babylab
  33. Emma Weitkamp, Professor in Science Communication
  34. Magnus from TotsBots
  35. Lindsey, lecturer in woven textiles
  36. Emma McColm from LOVEmyBEACH
  37. Bella Starling, Wellcome Trust public engagement fellow
  38. The Big Results Reveal at the Science Museum in London and the Shirley Technology labs in Manchester.
  39. Dr Clare Taylor, from Edinburgh Napier University, and also General Secretary of the Society for Applied Microbiology
  40. Jenn Philpott from Born Ready

  41. Chris Peters from “Sense About Science” and the Ask for Evidence Campaign

  42. Rob Hull is currently doing a PhD in Biofilms at Southampton University
  43. Jennifer and Jonathan Bartley of the Cardiff Catalysis Institute