We are currently working on the ‘Apatite for destruction‘ project, investigating the mineral exoskeleton we unexpectedly discovered during our last set of experiments. We will update this page as soon as we have some new results.

In the meantime, we hope you find the results of our previous experiments helpful.

After many months hard work by the volunteers washing, swabbing and testing, the results are in!  We now have some answers (though perhaps even more questions!) to our questions which we hope will be of use to the rest of the reusable nappy community.

Each of the experiments all protocols have been updated with any changes that happened as we went along (links above), and you can see the full results write ups here:

You can also see the responses of many of the gang to the grand results reveal in this chat write up.

We are now investigating the unexpected ‘mineral exoskeleton’ that we found on some of our ‘smelly nappies’  in our ‘Apatite for Destruction‘ project.
We’d love you all to get involved in the discussions  (which you can do by joining the facebook group), and get your thinking caps on about what the Nappy Science Gang should research next!