HA experiments: What did we learn?

We had a live webchat at 9pm on Monday 3rd April looking back at the Hydroxyl Apatite project. Main findings Sophia What do we think we've learned from the experiments then? TBH, I feel like I know less about HA and nappies now than I thought I did before! Iona We found HA again on … Continue reading HA experiments: What did we learn?

Apatite for Destruction experiment summary

This is a summary of the experiments we've been doing. We'll get the results of most of them on Saturday (18th Feb) at the results event in Cardiff.  Making hydroxyl apatite (HA) in the lab   The people in Cardiff (Cardiff Catalysis Institute, our partners in this project) have been trying to make HA on pieces … Continue reading Apatite for Destruction experiment summary