Update Q+A from Petra Boynton

Dear Nappy Science Gang, friends, affiliates, random visitors and the rest of you, I am happy to finally present you with the much awaited follow up Q+A with psychologist Petra Boynton. After spending nearly three hours in a live chat with us and answering dozens of our questions (you can read the write-up of that … Continue reading Update Q+A from Petra Boynton

Live chat with social psychologist Petra Boynton

Hello and welcome to our 26th live chat, with Dr Petra Boynton, "Britain’s first scientific evidence-based agony aunt!". Petra is a social psychologist who researches sex and relationships' health and she has kindly given us an evening of her time to answer many of our questions. This write-up will look more like a conversation than … Continue reading Live chat with social psychologist Petra Boynton